As a small business owner, the more you can automate tasks, stay organized, and streamline your processes, the more efficient and productive your business will become.


Thankfully, there are so many apps and software offerings on the market now to help. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites that we use all the time to help run our business.


The team at Stone Accountants loves Xero – it’s amazingly comprehensive cloud accounting software with a huge array of tools to help you manage your business.

You can connect all your business bank accounts for easy tracking of your income and expenses, prepare and send invoices to your customers, enter bills from your suppliers, and even process your employee wages and superannuation payments.

It’s real-time data will help you keep tabs on your company’s financial well-being. Xero also has a wide range of connected apps like Zapier and Stripe that you can add to help you run your business.


Hubdoc is a great app that allows you to take photos of any hard copy receipts and invoices and push through bills that you receive via email and files it in one ‘hub’. The app then extracts the data on the document and sends it through to Xero, or another cloud accounting software, as an invoice or bill, totally eliminating data entry for you and your staff.

You can also set up Hubdoc to automatically pull your bills and statements into the hub. This means you have one login to view and manage the documents from all of your creditors. Hubdoc also comes free with any Xero business subscription.


Sharesight is an awesome tool for tracking your share and investment portfolio. You can import your purchases and sales, and Sharesight will automatically incorporate and dividends, reinvestment plans and share splits. The software also shows you how you investments are performing, and how much your holdings are worth.

At the end of the financial year you can share your portfolio with your accountant, or extract Sharesight’s excellent reports for easy preparation of your tax return. Sharesight also now tracks cryptocurrency, and is a great tool to manage all your investments in one place.


Box is a great cloud storage solution to keep all your files secure and in one place. It also allows collaboration between staff and customers and integrates with a number of apps like Zoom and Docusign.

Box allows you to finetune sharing permissions for sensitive documents, and is easy-to-use software for the whole lifecycle of your documents, from creation and sharing, to collaborating, signature and storage.


MailChimp is an awesome marketing and relationship management tool that can do so much for your business. You can prepare landing pages for your website, social ads, manage your audience and send out marketing campaigns.

It also has powerful automation options to help you manage your sales funnel without the effort. We love using MailChimp to send out our monthly newsletters to our clients to share our recent blogs and resources and remind them of upcoming key dates.


Canva is a fantastic app for creating all sorts of designs with ease. You can design social media posts and headers, flyers and brochures, presentations, and infographics. You can choose from a number of different templates to help you get started. Additionally, the app also has thousands of images, icons and content you can use to enhance your designs.

The app is very easy to use, and allows you to collaborate with your team in real time. We love using Canva to create little checklists, timeline infographics of key tax dates and flyers.


If you would like to discuss any of these apps please contact us!