Growing your business means more cash for you now plus a higher sale price in the future when you decide to eventually sell your business. To do this, you can increase your customers, find new markets, develop new products or services, and improve profit.



Automate processes to save time

Look at current processes you could change to save you time or money. One way could be changing from manual systems to automatic ones to free up time for more important tasks.

Lower energy use

Look at each area of your business separately and come up with ways to reduce energy use. For example, if you’re a supplier and you hold your inventory in a warehouse that’s busy 24 hours a day, lighting and heating may be major expenses. Can you switch to cheaper sources?

Reduce operating waste

Identify how to produce more efficiently to reduce left over materials, which will lower your cost of goods sold. For example, if you manage and own a large department store, are there ways you could reduce total staff hours to lower costs.

Investigate ways to improve your output

Improve your output to deliver your products or services faster. Add staff, upgrade to the latest equipment, or change software; try anything to speed up production.

Negotiate ways to improve your margin

It sounds obvious but whichever way you choose to increase prices it all goes straight to your bottom line. Consider the impact on demand if you have price-sensitive customers. For example, you might be a goat farmer selling high quality meat, cheese and milk. Does your product have any leverage to negotiate a higher price?

Identify what overheads you can lower

Audit all your expenses to see what can be lowered without affecting your business operation. Re-negotiate with suppliers and reassess any subscription services or set pricing plans.

Build a process to collect money owed to you faster

Take a close look at your debtors to establish which ones need extra motivation to pay you sooner. Consider changing your policy towards new debtors by tightening payment terms or adding a discount for quick payers. Make sure you have Internet Banking as an option.

Profit First?

The Profit First plan, a system for growing your business profit, takes human nature into consideration, and has you put aside your profit, any tax, plus your personal compensation including wages, dividends and car allowances, into separate bank accounts. Then you allocate whatever is left to your ‘operating expenses’ account for spending, forcing you to reconsider your process and business costs. Give us a call if you want to learn more about the Profit First system, or head to our Profit First page for some more information.

Next Steps

Why not book in for a meeting with one of our expert accountants and business advisors to brainstorm the above ideas and create a plan to help you increase profits and the value of your business!