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09-Feb-2018 Stone Accountants

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The benefits of online payment services

For small business owners, having good cash flow can sometimes be the most important thing on their minds. If the business is strapped for cash, owners can spend valuable time worrying about how they're going to pay employees and creditors when they should be focused on growing their business.

04-Dec-2017 Stone Accountants

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Purchasing a residential investment property through your SMSF

Are you the trustee of a self-managed super fund (SMSF)?
Do you want to invest in a property inside super?
Do you have a long-term investment timeframe?

03-Nov-2017 Stone Accountants

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How to increase the value of your business for sale

Why do you own a business? And how can you make your business worth more when you want to sell it?

05-Oct-2017 Stone Accountants

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Should you buy or lease your car?

If you’re trying to decide whether you’re better off with a car lease, car loan or going with hire purchase instead, the following comparison table may be useful to you.

14-Aug-2017 Stone Accountants

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What can I claim against my tax?

It’s tax time again. What can you claim to reduce your tax? Check out potential tax deductions below.

10-Jul-2017 Stone Accountants

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Which Business Structure is Right for You?

Whether starting a new business or contemplating changing your current business model, it is important to choose the right structure to enable the best management of your business. Various tax implications, costs, and personal risks and liabilities associated with each business model are important to consider when choosing how best to structure your business. You should be aware of the structures available to you and the strengths and weaknesses of each type so you can make an informed decision, but it is also important to talk to your accountant about the different structures, as they have a thorough knowledge of each and can help you make the right choice for your business.

03-Jul-2017 Stone Accountants

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Here are the financial #duedates for the 2017/18 financial year

Don't get caught out - here are the due dates for income tax returns, activity statements, superannuation contributions and PAYG summaries

30-Jun-2017 Stone Accountants

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Happy End of Financial Year!

Today's the day! The End of Financial Year is here and we're sure you have plenty of things to do.

Below are details of important lodgement deadlines and tasks you must complete in the next few weeks so you're ready for the 2018 financial year. We also wanted to let you know about and some new information we've uploaded to our Resources page for you to help you compile your 2017 tax returns.

12-May-2017 Stone Accountants

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2017-2018 Federal Budget Update

We at Stone Accountants & Advisors are here to help you make smart financial decisions now so you can have a beautiful financial future. One way we do that is through careful tax planning! If you haven’t met with us yet, now is the time to contact us to arrange a tax planning meeting, so we can help you limit your tax payments, and grow your wealth.

21-Apr-2017 Stone Accountants

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Do you have your tax debts under control?

From 1 July 2017, a new tax measure will come into play for small businesses, and we’re here to help prepare you for this tax change.

10-Mar-2017 Stone Accountants

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What Every Employer Needs to Know About Fringe Benefit Tax

On 31 March 2017, the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) year ends. The ATO will be reviewing whether all employers who should be paying FBT are, and that they are paying the right amount.


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Tax Planning Starts Now

There are 5 key things all business owners must consider right now. Some of them are brilliant wealth creation ideas. Please read on…

25-Jan-2017 Stone Accountants

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The biggest changes to super in a decade - how to capitalise now!

These are the biggest changes in the last 10 years. They are significant. Most of these changes will take place on 1 July 2017. That’s why we need to start planning ASAP with you.

The expert Stone Accountants Team have spent the past 3 months creating a number of cutting edge and brilliant strategies to help you.

There are 3 key actions for you right now.


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Are you taking out the right tax for your working holiday makers?

As you may know, the Australian Government has changed the income tax rates and superannuation requirements for working holiday makers, affecting their employers as well.

12-Dec-2016 Stone Accountants

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Not much super? New superannuation reforms may help...

When the 2016 Budget was handed down, there was a lot of focus on the superannuation reforms that it contained (let's face it, there wasn't much else in it to focus on!).

29-Sep-2016 Stone Accountants

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Has your credit card taken on a life of its own?

I was watching one of the early morning news shows on television this morning and they were talking about credit card debt.

28-Sep-2016 Stone Accountants

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A small tax cut!

Finally, some good news on the tax front – a small rate decrease for some of us. In the May 2016 Budget, it was announced that tax thresholds would rise for the middle tax rate. As of 1 October 2016 this will take effect.

15-Sep-2016 Stone Accountants

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Co-owning a property

Property ownership is something that most Australian's aspire to, however as housing prices rise affordability falls making the dream, in many cases, just that – a dream.

13-Sep-2016 Stone Accountants

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Cash flow an issue?

One of the most common issues faced by small businesses is cash flow. As a small business you are extremely reliant on your customers to not only pay you, but to pay you on time.

02-Sep-2016 Stone Accountants

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Building your business

So you've started a business and you are starting to gather new customers, but is there a secret to not only maintaining momentum, but building it as well?

30-Aug-2016 Stone Accountants

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Claiming depreciation can save you tax

Setting up any new business brings with it a significant number of expenses, some of which can even be claimed as tax deductions.

27-Aug-2016 Stone Accountants

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Making sense of car expenses

One of the most popular expense claims at the end of a financial year would have to be related to car usage. But it could also be one of the most misunderstood.

22-Aug-2016 Stone Accountants

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Business or hobby?

In years gone past, work was work and a hobby was something you did in your spare time. But in recent times the lines between the two have blurred somewhat.


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Here are the financial #duedates for the 2016/2017 financial year

Don't get caught out, here are the due dates for tax returns, BAS statements, Superannaution Fund returns and PAYG summaries


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5 Things Every Business Should Know About Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)

How do I know if I need to pay FBT? What is exempt from FBT? And what to be aware of come 1 April 2016.