A Big Mistake Many Business Owners Make Is Trying To Do Everything Themselves – Including The Books!

Hopefully you probably already understand that relieving yourself of the ongoing burden of doing your own books can free up your time to focus on more productive and enjoyable things. However, if you are still doing your own bookkeeping, here are four hidden costs you may not be considering when doing your own books.

1. Your Time

We understand that time is money and that it may appear that you are saving money doing your own bookkeeping. But in reality, it is costing you something you can never get back – Time! Plus our bookkeepers will get your books done in a much shorter time than you take, so it’s less than you might think, which is a win for all.

2. An every day activity

Our bookkeepers do bookkeeping every day so they don’t have to think about too much else. Most busy business owners have many things on their mind, which is why sometimes it’s so hard for you to get the books done with all the other interruptions in your day.

3. Getting it right first time

We invest a lot of time, training and effort making sure we are up with all the very latest developments from the tax office so we can keep you out of trouble. Why leave it to chance?

4. Missing out on quality advice

With a fresh set of expert eyes looking at your business we can see things that you may be too close to your business to see.

Here’s what it’s like working with us
When you contact us to explore how we can help, we’ll sit down with you for a FREE consultation to determine exactly what you want.  We’ll ask a series of questions so we understand your business and where you want it to be.  Then we’ll propose a tailored, fixed price bookkeeping service designed to meet your needs.   Why not get in touch to see how we can help?

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